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Title: New (again) to OPR
Post by: Beth Trepper on December 20, 2021, 12:20:21 PM
My name is Beth. I am a professional photographer/writer/artist living on the U.S. East Coast. I did a bit of volunteer work for OPR many years ago, but had to shift my attention to personal parental caregiving duties.

Now I am very happy to be able to lend my time and skills to helping restore damaged photographs for OPR. I am very passionate and emotional about the value of photographs/memories and imagery for all of us. Having recently lost my beloved brother, who was a brilliant artist, I can only say that having his artwork all around us has brought immeasurable comfort to our grieving family. It's the same with photographs. These families who have lost so much in storms. How brilliant that there are so many photographers around the world who want to help bring these treasures back to the families.

I look forward to seeing this amazing project unfold. Thank you!
Title: Re: New (again) to OPR
Post by: Jo Ann Snover on December 20, 2021, 02:08:54 PM
Welcome (back) Beth :) So sorry for the loss of your brother.

I completely agree about the emotional value of photos - it's the big reason that I got involved with restoring for OPR. You'll find lots of posts here about recent (post-Covid) projects and there are two galleries of photos from La Place, Louisiana (Hurricane Ida) waiting for restoration whenever you're ready.
Title: Re: New (again) to OPR
Post by: Mhayes on December 21, 2021, 12:07:10 AM
Welcome back Beth, great to have you back.