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Title: Hummelstown Copy RUN
Post by: Mhayes on April 07, 2012, 09:15:06 AM
Hi Everyone,

Everything is going smooth and according to plans here. Friday morning we were swamped, but by early afternoon things slowed down. WE have gotten a lot of news coverage and here are a few: http://www.pennlive.com/midstate/index.ssf/2012/04/operation_photo_rescue_restore.html and Fox New where I am now Maggie Hayes: http://www.fox43.com/news/wpmt-operation-photo-rescue-helping-restore-photos-damaged-from-last-years-floods-20120406,0,6817636.story  ABC and NBC covered the story, but haven't been able to find a link.

Mike had printed up a lot of before/after restores that we have done in the past and people were blown away at what we could do. Over and over we would hear people say: "I can't believe you can do that!"

One thing that has made Jan's job easier when she uploads to the computer is that Mike and Pat have brought two copy stands and that each is tethered to a laptop where they can enter the family's name and extension on every photo. Today we will have a 3rd copy stand when the professor from Penn State, Sam Winch, will have his copy stand going. He will be helped by either students or faculty. Lots of photos to follow when we get home

We owe a lot to Kate Arline and Matt Jones, our local OPR volunteers that really worked to make his run a success. More later as we are headed off to the library---very nice facility. Plus I am typing to slow in Jan's laptop we'll be late if I don't stop.

Title: Re: Hummelstown Copy RUN
Post by: Tori803 on April 07, 2012, 10:23:40 AM
I was wondering how things were going. Thanks for the update, Margie. It's wonderful to have all the news coverage, but also to know the locals heard in time to bring their photos down.

Title: Re: Hummelstown Copy RUN
Post by: schen on April 07, 2012, 01:18:06 PM
Hi Maggie, great to hear that things are running smoothly and you are bringing back lots of work for us.

A big thank you go to the whole copy run team.  This is the most well organized run I know.

Have a safe trip home.

Title: Re: Hummelstown Copy RUN
Post by: kiska on April 07, 2012, 01:23:48 PM
 :up: :up: :up:
Title: Re: Hummelstown Copy RUN
Post by: Hannie on April 07, 2012, 01:40:03 PM
Great to hear from you Maggie, love all the reports and video!

Thanks so much everyone for all the hard work you put in!


Title: Re: Hummelstown Copy RUN
Post by: Rbm on April 07, 2012, 08:28:13 PM

I would like to thank the copy run team too. 

Title: Re: Hummelstown Copy RUN
Post by: Mhayes on April 07, 2012, 09:09:20 PM
Hi Everyone,

We finished up today and got about 500 photos. After we closed up for the day and took off for dinner, Kate Arlne took us on a tour of Hershey and through the areas that were flooded. In the places hit the hardest you see all the destroyed houses and cars that were flooded by the side of the road.

We had two families that came in too late for us to do a copy and Professor Winch offered to do them and will upload them later. Kate and Matt will be on the lookout for any that couldn't make the run and see that we get copies done for them too.

As with copy run the saddest part is to have people that have only a handful of photos left and the rest of them destroyed. The one thing that I hate to see is those who had their photos in albums and in pastic sleeves and in some the ink was still floating around.

We had one woman come in with a large 16 x 20 prints (will reduce down) print that had minimal damage, but she was so impressed that we could repair it. Mike had printed some before and after photos and it was fun to hear how most could not believe we could do that kind of work. The woman with the one family portait that was done some 15 years ago said this would be the best anniversary gift to get this back restored. Another thing that was the hardest for people to believe is that we do this for free!

Jan took lots of photos that will show more of what went on and we will be posting in the coming days. Tomorrow it's off to the airport for an early flight home.

Maggie    ;)
Title: Re: Hummelstown Copy RUN
Post by: G3User on April 08, 2012, 12:46:18 AM
Stirring stuff Margie, hats off to all of you

Title: Re: Hummelstown Copy RUN
Post by: Mhayes on May 03, 2012, 02:00:54 PM
Hi Everyone,

It's hard to believe that it has been a month since we came back with close to 500 photos and my intensions were to post photos that Jan took (plus 2 from Liz Roll) of the copy run. What came up and delayed things was a string of tornadoes that hit my home state of Kansas. About 99 touched down and one did a lot of damage about 30 miles northeast of where I live---Wichita, KS. Although my town didn't get hit it came very close and I ended up going with the neighbors to get out of the tornado's pather. It is really bizarre to be traveling on the road and following on their smart phone the tracking of the tornado by weather radar.

Unlike Joplin we do not have any photos of the destruction for two reasons. One, we were pressed for time and two, some of the places we drove by were ones where you couldn't pull off because of the narrow roads and people had lost their lives in the destroyed homes. Kate wanted to show us the area and some were emotional for her as she was there when they pulled a woman's body out of a second story house. Seeing the destruction brough home the force of the flooding, but knowing what had happened in certain area left no desire to take pictures.

Kate worked tirelessly helping with the clean up and sent an email asking if we could help hard hit Pennsylvania. I think Kate thought it would be a long shot that OPR would come to her community for a rescue. We we finally to to meet in person she that when she got the email from me saying that we were coming to Hummelstown she cried. As soon as Kate knew we were coming she was planning on how to get the word out. We had fliers that she took around to homes and businesses. She contacted local churches and Mike Sluder contacted by email or phone those further outside of Hershey and Hummelstown. Kate also redesigned our outdate brochure. We couldn't print any at the time because of not enough fund. Scott Crossen with DigMyPics came through and had some printed some for us.

About that time Matthew (Matt) Jones contacted Kate and offered his help. Matt was already an OPR volunteer like Kate, but he had decided that our photos were too difficult. What Matt excels at is handling press releases as his job is with the National Guard's press office as a media liaison. Matt has close contacts with local media as well as FEMA. We got super press coverage thanks to Matt.


Matt Jones, Liz Roll, and Kate Arline. Liz Roll was only able to come for a short time, but was great to meet her. She is a photographer for FEMA.


Matt with John and Rebecca Boehmer---see story by Fox news at top of this post.


Photos that had water damage from their Boehmer's basement flooding.


Fox News filming and sorry I don't have the reporter's name.

More coming in the next post.

Title: Re: Hummelstown Copy RUN
Post by: Mhayes on May 03, 2012, 02:45:03 PM
We had great press with TV, radio, newspapers, local publications, and our flier. The Patriot-New was great in promoting us before and during our copy run. This is the first time that I have been given consent to use photos from a newspaper's collection. Here is the story as reporter by Eric Veronikis and photographer Sean Simmers:
http://www.pennlive.com/midstate/index.ssf/2012/04/operation_photo_rescue_restore.html (http://www.pennlive.com/midstate/index.ssf/2012/04/operation_photo_rescue_restore.html)


Eric Veronikis and Sandra Swope


Sean Simmers taking a shot over volunteer Aaron Drexel's head. Jan wanted this to be posted as the new way that we take copies of photos.

Title: Re: Hummelstown Copy RUN
Post by: Mhayes on May 03, 2012, 02:54:08 PM
WGAL Channel 8 NBC TV reporter Matt Barcaro doing an interview. Sorry I didn't get the cameraman's name.


Almost at the end of the day, CBS showed up and was interviewing Mike. Jan Neil wanted to get a better bird's eye view of what was going on. (Thanks to Liz Roll)



Not to be outdone, Mike decided to try for greater heights while Pat was content to stay grounded.

Title: Re: Hummelstown Copy RUN
Post by: Mhayes on May 03, 2012, 03:14:01 PM
We were very fortunate that Mike Sluder made contact with Samuel P Winch, PhD, Undergraduate Communications Program Coordinator, School of Humanities at Penn State Harrisburg. Dr Winch is a professor of Communications and Humanities and has a love of photography. He was able to bring another copy stand and some help: Grad student Jim Dzur and Instructor Cathie McCormick. Their help was very much appreciated.

Jim Dzur and Sam Winch

Cathie McCormick and Same Winch

Mike and Pat Slider traveled from Michigan by car and were able to bring two professional copy stands. The also at their own expense copied a number of before/after restores done by volunteers for people to see what we do. The reaction was usually one of being stunned that we could do work that good! Seeing these photos brought up the question by the Patriot-New's reporter, Eric Veronikis, as to the value of what OPR does. If you were to give a dollar value, the number of photos that we have restored would run in the tens of thousands of dollars.


Just a sampling of perhaps 20+ photos laid out for people to view.

Last but not least, Aaron Drexel showing off his OPR t-shirt. He is the boyfriend of one of Kat's sisters and wanted to help. I think we should have had him outside the library flashing our message.


Thanks to everyone involved and thanks to the library staff--Deborah Megoulas and Lori Lane--for letting us come to their beautiful new William H & Marion C. Alexander Family Library in Hummelstown, PA. Later Deborah told me that because of our run the library had several people join and get library cards.

Title: Re: Hummelstown Copy RUN
Post by: glennab on May 03, 2012, 10:34:43 PM
Margie, how awesome it's been to read the saga of the Hummelstown copy run and the wonderful people who were involved.  I'm glad you were able to get so much good press. 

It's been such a long time since the Biloxi Beacon, but I'm hoping that this is the year that I can get my pixels together and be more of a participant than I've been in a while. I really miss you and the rest of the OPR crew. 

Kudos for another great copy run.



BTW: I'm so glad  the tornadoes missed your home.  A little too close, though!
Title: Re: Hummelstown Copy RUN
Post by: Mhayes on May 04, 2012, 12:01:13 AM
Hi GK,

It's great to see you back on the forum and hoping you are back to stay as you have been missed!


Title: Re: Hummelstown Copy RUN
Post by: Hannie on May 04, 2012, 03:18:51 AM
Welcome back Glenna, it is great to see you post again.
Margie thanks so much for the lovely report and great photos.  It is almost like I was there myself!


Title: Re: Hummelstown Copy RUN
Post by: Tess (Tassie D) on May 04, 2012, 08:22:10 AM
Beautiful post and pictures Margie. I like Mike and Jan's contest for height. :)
Title: Re: Hummelstown Copy RUN
Post by: G3User on May 04, 2012, 08:48:46 PM
Wow Margie, great to see such a great team in action. Having a group with multiple talents must have made things easier for a poor old President  ::)

Can't wait to see what is in store for us

Glad you are back Glenna, hope to see much more of you

Title: Re: Hummelstown Copy RUN
Post by: Mhayes on May 04, 2012, 09:45:06 PM
Athol, it would have been better if you had addressed me as "ole" rather than "old" president. You may end up wishing that you had waited after you see what I have in store for you.  >:D

Title: Re: Hummelstown Copy RUN
Post by: glennab on May 05, 2012, 05:06:13 PM
It's wonderful to know that things haven't changed.  A few characters have been added, but that's all the better.  Love you guys!

Title: Re: Hummelstown Copy RUN
Post by: G3User on May 05, 2012, 11:03:55 PM
Excuse 1

Dang spell checker

Excuse 2

The d and e are next to each other on the keyboard

Excuse 3


(It is hard to type with a trembling hand) :'(


Title: Re: Hummelstown Copy RUN
Post by: Mhayes on May 06, 2012, 12:21:57 AM

I can't help but admire a man who thinks quick on his feet even though I doubt his sincerity--your sense of humor has won you a small reprieve.  ;)