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Title: Hi from Houlton
Post by: Hannie on October 06, 2008, 08:49:44 AM
It is good to see so many newbies post their restores on the forum, it is a great way to get feedback and tips!
I've been wanting to post a lot more than I have been but this tiny little netbook (though cute) is a bit of a p... to work with. 
I also have trouble sometimes sending out the Upload Received emails, so this may take a little longer during my stay in Houlton.
Finally getting over the jetlag and now we are getting ready for our trip to Connecticut on Thursday.  We decided to take the Greyhound bus this time and enjoy the view without having to worry about driving.  (cheaper too).  Most of Thursday I will not check my computer but the days after till Monday I will be online again. (keep fingers crossed).  Monday we,re heading back to Houlton and all is back to normal again, hopefully!  ;D

I have seen some great restores on the forum, thanks so much everyone!


Title: Re: Hi from Houlton
Post by: weewood on October 06, 2008, 12:00:48 PM
Hi Hannie,,,,Hope you are enjoying yourself. Cheers, David
Title: Re: Hi from Houlton
Post by: Tess (Tassie D) on October 06, 2008, 06:42:29 PM
Glad to hear you're over the jetlag Hannie. When are we going to get some photos of your trip? Just to look at, we wouldn't do anything to them, really. (