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Photos found in tornadoes

Started by Bambi, December 14, 2021, 06:30:47 PM

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From the Washington Post today

Headline: Tornadoes killed her grandparents. Eight strangers helped her save their photos.

The tornadoes took everything when they barreled through Judy and Billy Miller's house in Kentucky, leaving just a ring of cinder blocks.

But their photos — documenting a 56-year marriage cut short — survived.

A farmer in Indiana found a picture of the Millers as young parents. A 50th anniversary photo blew upstate. A black-and-white childhood portrait flew more than 100 miles to Louisville, where Ellen Sears went to the park Saturday to take in a stormy sunrise. Soon Sears spotted something nestled in the grass that "just didn't belong" — a girl's photo, labeled "Judy," somehow unscathed.

Sears shared the picture at 6:39 p.m. in a rapidly growing Facebook group called "Quad State Tornado Found Items." The Millers' granddaughter, 25-year-old Haley Burton, saw the photo quickly.

"My Nana," she wrote in the comments at 7:19 p.m. She had just recognized another lost photo that turned up in a backyard in Jeffersonville, Ind.: "This is me."

(The story is longer, but might be a paywall)



I saw some of the pictures on a news post earlier, Bambi, and thought of all the pictures OPR has given back with love, to their owners.  We are a family here.  Our work though not always noticed is done pixel by pixel with love!

Jo Ann Snover

There were several hard-to-believe stories of photos from the tornado getting blown far away but finding their way home. Heartwarming in the midst of really awful circumstances. Here's another story like the above:


Jo Ann


Amazing, but so heartbreaking what is happening there.  :'(
"carpe diem"

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