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Rum and coke on photo

Started by philbach, August 13, 2020, 06:35:21 PM

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Well I had this nice photo of my grand daughter and a rum and coke got spilled on the photo and really messed up the emulsion.

I was distressed I thought I would use some of the blur filters, perhaps cutting each fragment and placing it a separate layer and moving them back in place would do it.  However what I did was to  try a new technique which helped a lot.  Here is the restored version

Here is the link that will show you how I did it.  Its short: https://vimeo.com/447618753


Wow Phil, I'm impressed. Thanks for sharing.

Your title for your post really caught my eye.  ;D
"carpe diem"

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Link shows a photo being fragmented but could not find how you accomplished this restore. More info please. This is awesome as well as intriguing.


Well I thought I would post a joke.  The photo of my granddaughter I manipulated using Apple Motion so in the five second video I produced,  she appeared to break apart into a lot of pieces.  So I took a frame at about two seconds and posted that as the initial photo that needed to be restored.  I then took the initial frame and posted that as the restoration.    I was a little bored yesterday afternoon.  I then took a nap.



Good one! I was already familiar with that action but for a moment thought
(hoped) it could be reversed to produce photoshop magic on another level.