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Help needed with Coloured Noise

Started by Atlantis, September 25, 2008, 05:36:51 AM

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Mary, when I installed Neat Image 5.0 pro edition it showed up as a stand alone as well as plug-in in Photoshop.  Maybe if you look in your program list it is there...

Hannie Scheltema
Distribution Coordinator


Mary, I just went back to the site and it appears they only run a plug-in for mac on the demo.
Sorry to say I use a PC for which they have both.

Tess (Tassie D)

I have the same one as hannie and it installs as a stand alone. Looking at their site all versions run as a standalone as well as a plugin for those that dont have much in the way of photo editor programs?
Tess Cameron
Distribution Coordinator