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Margie's Gallery - Baseball Team Photo

Started by raynee, October 24, 2016, 07:50:04 PM

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This is my first post in the forum, so hopefully I am uploading the photos correctly

Here is the original image.

So the first thing I did of course was color correct

I didn't like how my whites were looking blown out so I brought the exposure down a bit, and still tried to get some more of the red out of the photo

The damage in the sky was throwing my color correction off, so I figured I would touch that up before I finished correcting the colors. Clone stamp and healing brush tool are my go to for these kinds of corrections. There was enough sky undamaged to take from.

When I think of baseball I think of spring, and when I think of spring I thing of green grass, so I used an color overlay to bring back some color into the grass and fence of the photo

I used my clone stamp tool to clean up the damage to the photo, and brought the levels back up.

The photo felt a little lack luster and the blotchy sky was bothering me so I brought up the saturation just a bit and evened out the sky. I also felt like the boy's skin were still a little on the red side so I put some peaches in there with an soft light layer.

Hopefully I didn't go overboard on the color, but I am pretty happy with how it turned out.


Hi Raynee and welcome to the forum. Your work flow shots are top notch and on my monitor it looks like you nailed the color. Look forward to seeing you around  :up:


Raynee, great job with the cleanup. I think I like your next to the last version better but, you may upload both versions. I just think the last one stands out too much.

"carpe diem"

Margie Hayes
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Hi Raynee and welcome to the forum. I agree with Margie, restore looks great on the next to last on my monitor too.. last one is great as well but looks a little over saturated, specially in the yellows. Look forward to seeing you around  :up:
never giving up......learning from others as I go...


Hi Raynee and welcome to the forum!

Great post and restore, thanks for showing how you got to your results.
Instead of Saturation you may want to try Vibrance.  It'll bring out the skin color more and enough yellow and green as not to look to saturated.

Hannie Scheltema
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