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How to make someone grounded

Started by Galem, November 20, 2015, 03:18:47 PM

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Me again with yet another question. This is wip and I have some known issues to fix such as the collar/neck - but welcome anything else you suggest besides my main question. I'm not sure why the original photographer had such strong shadows with the main figure and the floral stands. I toned them down a bit but may they should be darker? I just stuck a floral pattern on the drapes because the actual pattern seemed a bit difficult to pull out. I could add a flower in the pattern or anything else you suggest.
Main guestion, tho. How do I get his feet grounded to the floor?
Thank you, you wonderful people.
Gayle Madden


Hi Gayle,

Great clean up!  After replacing the back drop, floors and floral stands it is nearly impossible to make the replaced parts not look like they were pasted in.
The shading of both the subject and floral stand is important (grounding), I think this was just a family snapshot and not a studio portrait?
Grounding is hard to do on the new floor, getting rid of the highlights on the shoes except on the toes will help some.

Having said all that, I know this is a difficult restore and repairing the curtains, floor and floral stands would take many days...  On the other hand the only important part is the boy, the rest can have less detail, as long as it somewhat matches the rest of the photo.

Hannie Scheltema
Distribution Coordinator


Thank you Hanni,
The muting of the shoe shines helps I think - I also add a smear of burn on the floor under the shoes. I muted the background with some noise on the curtains and the flower stands. His shirt may need to go less starkly white. But it might be an improvement. I'll load it up for Tess and take more direction from there. You're the best. Thanks, Gayle
Gayle Madden


You certainly like picking easy ones Gayle, nice job.

Re him floating, if you look at the original there are sharp edges to the shadows particularly on the wall. They are the result of a single light source and the small distance between the flower stands and the shadow.

By blurring the shadow around his shoes you are giving the appearance that there is a significant space between them and the ground. Your eye attempts to understand what the blurring means, assumes that there is a significant distance between the shoes and the shadow on the floor so he floats.
Try for a much sharper and smaller shadow using the lighting direction from the original image and see if that helps. The original will give you a good idea.



Hey, thank you. Good suggestion. That shadow under the feet is a rookie mistake for sure. I have it up to Tess, my distributor, and I'll get that change in along with whatever else she may say.
I appreciate your feedback.
Gayle Madden