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Feedback request

Started by Galem, October 17, 2015, 01:48:11 PM

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Hi, I'm a newbie seeking feedback. I know I am doing things frowned upon by adding elements unseen in the original. I have added a bottom sleeve, a new hand and something generic for the hand to rest on. I have changed the background. And I have added a light source to partially disguise the items I 'illegally' added. Apart from commenting on that, I would like some suggestions for her face skin adjustments. One side has different damage from the other... Please help  ;)
Gayle Madden


Flesh tones are too pink. There should be a healthy glow. Otherwise, excellent job.

P.S. Hair and sleeve additions are too dark, not red enough. Are you sure she's not dressed in black?


Thank you, I'll work on the pink tones and the hair color. I'm kind of thinking her jacket was a satin burgundy and the blouse showing at the neck/bodice was black - but I'll look again. I appreciate the feedback.
Gayle Madden


Nice work Gayle,

You might try using the grey sampler in Curves on her teeth to address the excess red. If you feel it over corrects then just reduce the opacity of the curves layer. The whites of her eyes don't work as well

I suspect Lurch is correct about her jacket being black and the different appearance between it and her blouse is due to different fabrics. Then again I was a long way off initially with colour on my last restore so perhaps you shouldn't trust me too much :-[

Only other thing is your decision to give the appearance of back lighting, it doesn't really work and makes the loss of flyout hair more obvious.

Like the way you have created the folds on her lower sleeve.



Hi Gayle,

Great job, beautiful sleeve!  The hand is borrowed but well picked.  Really, unless the photo is cropped it is the best way to go.
The color of her jacket is hard to determine, we all get different results, my version leans more towards brown and I could be completely wrong.

One thing that jumped out at me is that the background leaves a bit of a halo around her silhouette, it could use some adjustment?  I guess I'm talking about the same thing Athol mentioned already.

Oh yes, one more thing, the blacks in the image need a little boost.


Hannie Scheltema
Distribution Coordinator
[email protected]


Thank you all - I hope this can serve as a 'reply all'. I am grateful for all the feedback and will use it all to go back into the image and correct. For instance, I put the halo in the background and can easily take it out. This is really wonderful for me to have access to everyone's experience. Thank you, thank you, thank you. Gayle
Gayle Madden


Beautiful. Beautiful.

After looking through the galleries, it's ease to see that some of the pictures require an artist!  Great Job!