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Thank You from Helen Meade for her Restored Photos

Started by Mike S., April 25, 2015, 12:55:03 PM

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Mike S.

Hello everyone,

I received a phone call from Helen Meade this morning about her restored pictures from the New York Copy Run.

She wanted everyone at Operation Photo Rescue to know the she very much appreciated the photos and all the work that went into them.  She said it brought a "Bright Spot in a Dark Time". 

Mike S.


Mike, that is great!  It is so nice to hear from time to time that all the work our volunteers do is appreciated!

Thanks for posting this and thanks to Helen for telling you she was happy with the results.

Hannie Scheltema
Distribution Coordinator
[email protected]


Mike, thanks for posting and really nice that after some phone tag Helen was able to reach you.  :hug:

"carpe diem"

Margie Hayes
OPR President
[email protected]


Thanks Mike. It's always great to hear back from the families.
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