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Started by bjtx, July 16, 2014, 10:38:44 AM

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Even though this tutorial deals with toning down acne, the hue & saturation technique used can be applied to other types of spots.

This tutorial is along the same line & might be sort of redundant.  It shows how to eliminate splotches

This slow OPR stretch seems like a good time to exchange helpful tips.  So, if you have any to share, please post them.

betty (in scorching hot texas)  :)

(aka - Betty )  CS6, PS CC,  Win 8.1; 175+ restorations so far & hope to do more :) 
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Interesting Betty,

I have used the sliders on either side the color range and played with changing its width with limited success. His tip of changing the hue and saturation to make the area being modified obvious should help. Will see if I can find a candidate for experimentation, personally I am past the acne stage.

Edit. Just opened an earlier restoration that I wasn't really happy with, being able to accurately narrow down the area for adjustment made a big difference

I often add the smallest amount of noise/texture over areas where I have done a significant amount of repairing. I have a couple of grain generators and use the texture filter in CS3. I also have a large black and white image of a concrete surface, often I find the true randomness of the surface applied as a texture works better.

Happy to swap some of our cold with you 8)



Thanks for sharing, Betty. That's very interesting. I generally use Curves red channel and select the acne redness and reduce it,r paint the face with the skin tone on a Color layer, use the Spot Healing Brush and restore the face color on a Soft Light Layer.

It's great to know more about the Hue/Sat panel. The key is to reduce the redness so the Spot Healing brush doesn't keep reproducing the redness and make the skin even more splotchy.

I agree with Athol about adding a little texture. The Patch tool in Content Aware often leaves blurred outlines around the selections that ruin the texture. Content Aware Spot Healing Brush is much better.



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I have been watching Phlearn since it was just the guy making videos in his living room.  Some of my best tricks have come from there.  Thanks for sharing!