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Concentrated Scratch/Dust Removal?

Started by admott, July 19, 2006, 07:32:25 PM

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Just wondering if someone can share their tried and true techniques for removing concentrated areas of scratching and/or dust?

While the obvious way is to use the stamp/clone tools... is there anything else that is faster and just as effective?



You can try this technique (don't be mislead by the title).  It's pretty easy.


Thanks for the tip... I also didn't think to check out the lighten/darken modes of the cloning stamp... was always using it in "pure" mode.


I've used the healing brush with good success... I'll post a non-OPR project later today that I had good success with.


For those portions of the image that unimportant and do not have much detail, this approach may work:

Use any selection tool to select the offending area and paste it on a new layer. Set the mode to darken if the problem is white specks/scratches or lighten if it's black stuff. Use the move tool on the new area to slightly move the copied area. This technique works especially well on walls and featureless stuff, but may work for some areas on this image.