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TIP: Monitor calibration for free

Started by Jonas.Wendorf, December 08, 2012, 11:55:04 AM

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Hello everybody,

I have a great tip for all of you who have an uncalibrated monitor but can't afford to buy a calibration device yet.
Atrise Lutcurve is a software based calibration solution (which means you don't need to purchase additional hardware) that offers a new year free promo version that you can try and check out here: http://atrise.com/lutcurve/download/
Of course buying a device and calibrating your monitor with that is much better still, but this is a great start and should correct the most severe casts in your displays  :up:!
Best regards,



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My only tip (as I am quit familiar with PC security) uncheck these items during install:

Babylon is not real Malware, but still not 100% safe.. :up:
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Thanks Jonas. Good to know PHOTOSHOPP3R.
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Great addition ph0t0sh0pp3r, thanks :)!
Indeed there's no need to unintentionally install Babylon on your computer as well!
Best regards,