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Happy Birthday, Jonas

Started by bjtx, August 10, 2012, 10:58:01 AM

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Thanks, Atlantis :)!

GP, yes I guess the accent is something you really can't get rid of completely. E.g. I've heard once that Europeans can never speak Chinese without an accent because the vocal folds become crippled by not using the sounds that they use. Don't know how this relates to American accent though  ::)
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Hi Jonas

I know I'm a couple of days late.  I remembered on Saturday that your big day was Sunday but didn't want to post too early.  And there ya go.  Here it is... Tuesday. I should have gone ahead and done a premature birthday wishing!  Since I can't begin to trump Margie's masterpiece, I'll just say that I hope you had a wonderful birthday and a great vacation.

Cheers and hugs!

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Hi GK,

don't worry about being too late to the party, there's still some cake for you  :crazy:
So nice you thought about me  :hug:
Yes, I had a wonderful vacation and birthday with my family and my girlfriend  :up:
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ok, its way late....HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!
I would have posted sooner but my son turned 12 on the same day!!


Thanks jesterjeni and a happy belated birthday to your son as well  :hug:
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