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Honeycomb patterns in paper

Started by Leah M, October 29, 2006, 06:56:54 AM

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Leah M

I was browsing the 'difficult' photos and noticed one probably from the 70s which had a very marked honeycomb texture in the paper.  Difficult at the best of times since any cloning or pixel shifting then disturbs the underlying pattern.

I came across a plugin and technique called 'FFT (Fast Fourier Transform)' and it actually works quite well.  If anyone is interested, there's a tutorial together with a link for the download of the plugin on Retouchpro - "Using the FFT filter to remove photographic paper texture" under their tutorial section.  I'm not sure whether one has to be a member or not to look through those.  No biggie, it's a great place to be anyway :)

Just thought it worth mentioning as one of those little heard of plugins.

Leah M


very good info.  thanks for the tip!



I understand the fft filter is pretty good. But it doesn't work on macs.   :(
Photoshop 2021, MacPro

Leah M

Hi John

That issue was raised on the forum and here is the reply -

There IS a mac version. It's called ImageJ

Image J is part of The Image Processing Toolkit
Available Here for Free
ImageJ runs on Linux, Mac OS 9, Mac OS X and Windows
The Docs are here
And the bit about FFT is here

It is Not a plugin but a complete program. You will need Java Installed.


I don't know whether that helps at all.  This was a thread from a year ago, so I'm unsure of recent developments.  I'm not a regular Mac user.

Worth a try maybe?

Leah M


Photoshop 2021, MacPro