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need new eyes

Started by battleaxe, March 20, 2009, 12:11:54 AM

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Please check this over for me.   >:D Susgestions on details are welcome.  Will put the bricks on the fire place but have no clue on his arms, the floor. Is the kid okay?  Thanks


Oops.  I think you forgot something!   ::)



Good grief Battleaxe, talking about muck!
Isn't it a shame that this photo could have been rinsed so most of the mud would have come off.
It seems to me that you were able to pull maximum detail out of the muck, not much of anything left there!


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Could there be another child in here....?
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could be another child, I think I see the hand and sleeve . also I think the boy is a girl with a braid down her back........also does that look like an parcel on the lady on the left's lap??  :-\   Think I melded parcel and part of the other lady's lap into the left woman's lap.  think left woman has dark pants on that i have turned into a chair  ...... :crazy: thanks


I remember this photo well, and the woman that brought it to us in Winona.  It was a photocopy of a photograph, and on regular paper.  She found the photo in her basement after the floods.  She did not recall ever seeing the photo before.  Also, the man in the photo is the woman's father but she did not know who the others were.  I think BattleAxe has done a great start to the photo.  if there is "another person" in there, I don't think I'd worry about it.  We were a little hesitant to take this photo, but we turned down so many of the things this lady brought us, because they were just "old" with no flood damage.

So, our guess is going to be as good has the owner's guess as to what was in the photo, since she admitted she did not remember ever seeing the photo before. 



Here is my finish, which is more of a painting than a photo.

did not have enough info for dog or another child ( if they ever existed) Think I have corrected the laps, the book, the parcel,  father's jacket with hand in pocket, girl not boy with ponytail.  The rest I am leaving >:D.    So..... what do you think ...


Battleaxe, you are a braver person than I would to tackle this photo. I think you are right about this looking more like a painting than a photo. I really feel like this photo is too far gone, but better than the muddy mess the owner has. One question, is the man's suit black or blue? I would also clean the girl's and the man's shirt up so as not to look so muddy. Amazing what you pulled out of this one!

"carpe diem"

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Thanks  Chris, Margie  :hug:
The father's shirt is blue,  will try to correct it and the shirts .


k here is try7 , tried to whiten the shirts without them looking unrealistic