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Started by Elwood, June 22, 2006, 08:55:56 PM

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One while working on this photo I adjusted the levels to bring in some of the detail but it made it kind of hazy and hints?


The levels adjustments look good. I see what you mean about the "haze." You could clone out the haze, make a large patch selection, or dodge and burn the areas to even them out. If you dodge and burn, watch the saturation and color shifting. Best would be a combination of all three options.


Are you using CS or CS2, by chance? I would make a duplicate of the adjusted layer and do a shadow/highlight adjustment until the haze looks less contrast-y. Then I'd mask out the parts you need the contrast (like the baby's face and other details). It just might do the trick. Don't forget to duplicate first, though!  :D


CS2. Yes, if you've been using adjustment layers, masking out the hazy areas would be a good start. I didn't mention it because I didn't know if you used an adjustment layer or had already committed to the shift. If you are using the "levels" adjustment layer, I'd suggest a you use the "curves" adjustment layer as the "levels" adjustment layer is only a limited subset of what the more versatile "curves" adjustment layer can do.