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A heartfelt thank you note!

Started by cmpentecost, July 30, 2008, 11:08:42 AM

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Sorry to take so long to say THANK YOU. The pictures came out great and mother is having a frame made for the one with her and my Dad. She will put it in the living room. She has it on the coffee table now.

In her home she had a wall of fame; as we as children and now her grandchildren graduate from high school and college we get our picture posted. She has collected most of these from relatives who had pictures..etc. The picture of her graduation was one no one had so we were all pleased to have that one added.

As stated before words will never explain my and mother's gratitude for your hard work.


Teresita M. Guillaume


Thanks Chris for posting this beautiful thank you note. How great that OPR could restore her graduation picture and what a wonderful feeling to know how much this has meant to the family!

"carpe diem"

Margie Hayes
OPR President
[email protected]


That was a lovely note, I remember some of those photos.  The color correction on those was really hard.
Thanks for sharing this note Chris, it is always great to read what the owners think of the photos and how they are doing now.


Hannie Scheltema
Distribution Coordinator
[email protected]

Tess (Tassie D)

How wonderful that they could complete their wall of fame.  :hug:
Tess Cameron
Distribution Coordinator
[email protected]