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Wow check this out!

Started by sanbie, November 08, 2007, 06:09:45 AM

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If you scroll down to Seam Carving and watch the video...It's awesome and I want it!!!! Lol

Forgot to put the link!


paintshop pro X1


paintshop pro X1



I loved the video!  That really is incredible software!  Sign me up!
When I first looked at your post, I stopped at the first video, the Steampunk Laptop, and was so amused by that, that I forgot to keep scrolling down to the Seam Carving video!  I'm glad that I went back for a second look because the Seam Carving is truly amazing! 

This company makes some really nice products that are available for trial downloads also:

The only catch is that I think that they require Photoshop as host programs, meaning they are plug-in programs.  I have Snap Art, Exposure and Blowup and love all three--I use them regularly in my project work.  They run seamlessly and really do enhance Photoshop's already awesome toolset.  (I tried Image Doctor too and thought it was nice, but felt that I could get the same results with Photoshop's tools without extra effort, so didn't think it was worth the price.)

(aka RosyBijou)


Yeah I'm over it this morning!  :funny:

Last night while I was tired I could see all possibilities for it...Well I lost the lot while I slept!! :funny:

Awesome video though
paintshop pro X1

Tess (Tassie D)

Great find Sanbie. I'll have to have a play with it.
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