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Title: OPR Help coming for LaPlace, LA
Post by: Mhayes on September 15, 2021, 02:54:25 PM
Hi Everyone,

Here is the email I received from Gerald Herbert:


 I am a staff photographer with the Associated Press based in New Orleans, and am  covering the storm. I also am organizing some local photographers to help flood victims recover their family photos and convert them to digital. I was not aware of your organization until now and see you are not traveling o disaster areas currently due to the pandemic.

 Can you call me to discuss? I may have support from the La. Lt. Gov and also Sony is offering some support.

 Thank You,

Gerald Herbert

Kathy Anderson, professional photographer, is organizing the photographers and I already have 20 photos that have been uploaded for a family. Sony has also contacted me on ways to help. Things are going fast and furious.

Below shows the damage in LaPlace, LA