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Title: Photoshop Camera Raw Disaster
Post by: Mhayes on January 17, 2010, 09:05:27 PM
Hi All,

I know I have been missing in action lately, but because of a wedding that I shot and a part time job I needed some time off. I'm still getting the wedding photos ready, but have had a few problems with PhotoShop Raw and Bridge that have never happened before.

Because I was going to be shooting in a church that would not allow flash during the ceremony. I used a Canon 5D Mark II and with a Canon f2.8 70-200 was able to do shots I wouldn't normally be able to take. The first thing I did when I got home was to download the photos to three different places: my hard drive, an external drive, and to a couple  DVDs.

After sorting through the photos, I would view them in Bridge (PS CS4) and then would bring them up in Camera Raw (all photos were shot in Raw) to tweak and then to save as a psd. All photos showed up fine in Bridge, but about 3 or 4 when they were brought up in Raw did a dramatic transformation--the kind that gives you a heart attack! Suddenly the photos would have banding all access them like a Venetian blind. Another one started that way and totally deteriorated beyond recognition. Has anyone had that experience?

I shot in sRaw, because I did not want each file to be over 21 MB. Once downloaded each of the files came in around 11 to 14 MB--so still fairly large. The files that were corrupt would show up in Lightroom 2 OK, but when I opened them in PS they still came up damaged. I tried going back to the card reader and was able to use all but one the of damaged files. My only worry is that all the other photos downloaded from an 8 GB card that I no longer have, may have the same problem. I can't understand how they appear OK in the Bridge, but their not. After trying multiple times with one photo, it eventually would show in Bridge in the deteriated state.

So if you wonder where I've been (humor me by saying you did), now you know. My next leave of absence will be a mental ward. Hannie and Tess will be able to take it from there. A big thanks to both of them for taking over my galleries so I could have some down time. Thanks also to Kiska for helping get the backlog under control.

Title: Re: Photoshop Camera Raw Disaster
Post by: Candice on January 18, 2010, 02:52:28 AM
You're still sane.  It's when you don't mention a mental ward that you're not!   ::)
Title: Re: Photoshop Camera Raw Disaster
Post by: Hannie on January 18, 2010, 10:19:53 AM
Margie, if you haven't gone around the bend yet you may try this:

Edit > preferences > performance >GPU settings > advanced settings > Advanced drawing (uncheck this one)

Title: Re: Photoshop Camera Raw Disaster
Post by: Johnboy on January 18, 2010, 01:02:31 PM

Yes I did notice your absence. Good luck in getting the photos corrected. It has been many years since I shot weddings on film (what is that), and I can imagine your panic when seeing the damaged photos.

Title: Re: Photoshop Camera Raw Disaster
Post by: glennab on January 18, 2010, 02:58:28 PM
Margie, it's good to have you back.  I get a falling feeling in the pit of my stomach when I think of what you've been going through. I knew something was up when you were out of touch for so long, but I didn't want you to "get crabby" again.  I figured you'd be back with us when things settled down. 

Hugs a plenty!

Title: Re: Photoshop Camera Raw Disaster
Post by: Mhayes on January 19, 2010, 01:03:10 AM
Hannie, not nice to suggest a fix to a person who only has the Standard version--cannot do it. I did tinker with how much memory would be available which means the computer will self destruct some time soon.

GK, what do you mean by "get crabby again?" This is my normal disposition and it serves me well in times of crises.

Candy, no mention of the ward today as I am busy trying to figure out how to get out of this jacket with the lacing on the back.

Johnboy, I would love to hear of some of your experiences with doing weddings.

Well back to the photos . . .


PS Does anyone wonder about this spell checker?  Where I put "version--cannot" the spell checker offered: womankind.
Title: Re: Photoshop Camera Raw Disaster
Post by: Hannie on January 19, 2010, 10:24:21 AM
Margie, I thought the only difference with the Extended version was the 3D editing tools.
(I saw an upgrade for CS4 extended for about $270 dollars on Amazon but it is probably better to wait for CS5)

Title: Re: Photoshop Camera Raw Disaster
Post by: Johnboy on January 19, 2010, 12:54:47 PM

My wedding experience is not quit like yours. After I graduated from RIT I did a wedding of a close friend and then one of high school classmate. Didn't really know what I was doing then. The first wedding went well but the second was not so good as the bride was not happy with what I did and did not order. The the friend did order but Uncle Sam was hot on my trail (draft notice) as Nam was hot and heavy. Ended up in the Navy on a delay program that allowed me to get that wedding printed.

When I got out of the Navy I found a job at a studio. He did teach me what to shoot. I followed him around for a few weddings and did a few on my own for him. I was only there for about 3 months when I got the job at Miami University here in Ohio. I shot one for a coworker who's daughter was getting married, and picked up a few from people asking the department photographers if they shot weddings. Also got a couple via word of mouth. Then all the sudden they dried up and I haven't shot one in 35 years.

With film there was the concern about processing errors. You could forget and open the camera back before the film was rewound. The ones I did after the Navy, I sent to a lab for processing and printing. I didn't have all the equipment for that.

Eventually my 2 1/4 winding mechanism broke. The strobe nicads lost their memory. So it was just a well things dried up. I am glad to use my Kodak point and shoot digital with the viewfinder. When our daughters got married they used photographers, but dad just waited for the photog to set the poses and then took the snap shot.

Margie, hope your situation gets resolved.

Title: Re: Photoshop Camera Raw Disaster
Post by: schen on January 20, 2010, 12:18:41 AM
Yes, I have seen striated images of corrupted files.  But I have not encountered corrupted RAW files yet.  I either use a one foot USB cable between camera and the computer or a Sandisk card reader plugged in the USB of the computer.

This is totally out of the left field suggestion.  Try to convert the sRAW files to DNG first before you open them in either PS or LR. 

Wish you good luck.

I'd been asked to shoot wedding once but I turned it down.  I would be too nervous to worry about the possible equipment failures.  Some brides are not very forgiving when the wedding photos don't turn out.  My daughter attended a wedding last year and took many pictures.  Ended up the professional photographer they hired had a disaster.  The couple asked my daughter for the images files to print their wedding album.
Title: Re: Photoshop Camera Raw Disaster
Post by: Mhayes on January 20, 2010, 10:58:06 PM
Shujen, this has turned into a real nightmare. Luckily I have several shots of the same scene and the damaged files happen at random. I could have the first 150 files no problem and then I will have it start popping up. On another card it happened at the beginning. I did try to change the extension to .dng, but that doesn't work either--is that what you meant?

Its not like everything turned out bad and I have some photos that I am really happy with, but it is the combination of little disasters that makes me think weddings are very stressful. Probably my favorite weddings are those held outdoors. However, this last one in a beautiful church with high ceilings and the most beautiful stained glass windows was beautiful.

One thing that happened that I hadn't planned was the priest changed her mind a few days before the wedding. I had been told no flash during the service and since I didn't have a fast enough lens and really needed a better camera: I rented both to a little over $400/week. A few days before the wedding I drive down to the church and meet with the priest and it is there that she said that I could take no pictures during the ceremony, but afterwards we could recreate and use a flash. I could not believe what I was hearing--sort of like watching money going down the toilet. The only photos I could take of the ceremony was the beginning as everyone filed in. Once the bride and father made it to the altar, that was it.

I did enjoy playing with a new camera and lens.
Title: Re: Photoshop Camera Raw Disaster
Post by: schen on January 20, 2010, 11:22:00 PM

I meant to use the DNG converter from Adobe to convert the Canon files to DNG files not just change the file extension.  DNG is Adobe's RAW file format.  If you could convert the files successfully to DNG, chances of reading them are high.

I visited our town's chapel owned by the city.  They do not allow me to take photos in it.  I did not use flash and their reason was that flash will damage the interior.   Yet, they allowed flash photos when the chapel is rented out for weddings.   I actually had a bunch of pictures taken last time I attended a wedding there.  It does not make any sense to me at all.