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Title: Baby
Post by: Graphx on March 10, 2009, 12:32:00 PM
I would like to know how you would fix the background and his hand. I checked the channels and either it's too dark or the arm is totally screwed up. Would you make the open area on the side black?
Title: Re: Baby
Post by: glennab on March 10, 2009, 01:36:05 PM
Hi Larry

Actually, there's a lot of good information in the blue channel.  It's a bit dark, but I can see plenty of good skin area on the baby's hand that could be patched in.  And his/her eye is much cleaner.  You can always copy that channel and make it a layer, then play with opacity, layer blending you know the drill.

The most predominant color I could discern in the "dead" area to the upper right is a burnt orange.  You could use that to fill in the area or another dark color.  I don't think I'd go completely black, as that would look too contrived.

Here's what I got (very down & dirty - I'm on my lunch hour at work) with a little bit of patch tool work and lightening of the blue channel saved as a layer.


For what it's worth!


(You might want to get the personal information out of the file.)
Title: Re: Baby
Post by: Graphx on March 18, 2009, 02:25:42 PM
Okay I've played with the blue channel and I've cleaned the baby face and started to fix his shirt but what would you do to fix the blanket. There's several places to fix and not any place to get a good sample to patch it with. Then how would go coloring this gray scale image. Even If try and lighten the blanket I get a darker version of the color
Title: Re: Baby
Post by: Candice on March 18, 2009, 06:56:04 PM
Okay, for what it's worth, I've been a flickr user and if a persons information is visible you can remove it.  Photobucket doesn't seem to show it, but I've heard it mentioned so is there somewhere I need to look in photobucket?
Title: Re: Baby
Post by: glennab on March 18, 2009, 11:15:23 PM
Bets, the information is actually in the file itself.  In Photoshop it's under file file info.  The meta data can be deleted from there for anything to be posted.  It needs to stay in the restored file for identification when it's returned to Admin.

Larry, I'd just follow the lines and patterns as best I could for the blanket and the baby's clothes.  Other than the striped shirt, most of the pattern seems intact. Once you get the grayscale image repaired, you can go back to the colored version and just touch up the color where the damage is not worrying too much about detail, since that's all on the gray layer.  With the gray layer above the color layer, set the gray layer blending mode to color, and then you can fine-tune where you need to (if the color is too intense, you can lower the opacity of the color layer or play with hue & saturation).  I know there are other ways to do this, but that method has worked for me.

I can't wait to see the result.

Title: Re: Baby
Post by: hoodman3 on March 19, 2009, 06:21:50 PM
OK, this is only food for thought because I may be wrong on this, but before I post a photo to show in a thread I save it by " save for web & devices" to reduce it's weight. That automatically removes the personal info.

Title: Re: Baby
Post by: glennab on March 19, 2009, 09:55:09 PM
Pete, that's brilliant.  A great and quick solution to eliminate the possibility of personal information getting posted, have smaller files as well as ones that would probably look better on the forum than those saved by other methods.  You're a GENIUS!  Smart, too.

Title: Re: Baby
Post by: Graphx on March 20, 2009, 10:08:08 PM
Here is what I done so far. What should I do with the blanket? It definitelyneeds to be fixed especially on each side of his head
Title: Re: Baby
Post by: kiska on March 21, 2009, 08:12:43 AM
Your color seems way off. I did a levels adj. layer. Each channel; bring the outside sliders in to where the graph starts to peak.

Then a curves; double click the white dropper and set the B in HSB to 96%.



Title: Re: Baby
Post by: Graphx on March 21, 2009, 09:34:40 AM
I'm not worried about the colors they are temporary what do you think about what I have so far
Title: Re: Baby
Post by: kiska on March 21, 2009, 10:02:19 AM
It appears the edges of the baby are too sharp. His head too narrow and his left eye is a little off. I copied/pasted the blue channel of the original on top of your restore. Then clicked the visibility of that layer on/off. Helps to see the problem areas. Try it, you'll like it  :)

Title: Re: Baby
Post by: Hannie on March 21, 2009, 11:23:43 AM
Great tip Kiska!

Title: Re: Baby
Post by: Candice on March 22, 2009, 11:59:41 AM
Title: Re: Baby
Post by: Graphx on March 22, 2009, 02:01:02 PM
I started out new today. The problem is the blanket. I know that they said the patterns on the blanket could just moved around to fill it in. But to get the color right I'm using the lightness from the lab but there seems to be more to fix on it. And the head should be a little narrower because that's dirt by his head on the side with the ear.
Title: Re: Baby
Post by: Mhayes on March 22, 2009, 03:06:11 PM
Graphx, I looked at the original in Lab and it still looks to me like hair around his ear. There might be some shadows, but I see the same thing whether it is in Lab or in RGB (channels blue and green). I am confused by what you mean when you say that you are using the lightness from Lab to get the color right? I thought the Lightness channel only controls the tonal range. To change the colors you would need to go to either the A or B channel in Lab. I think Lab is great to work in, but I would think it would be easier to patch the blanket first and then tweak the colors of the blanket later. Fixing the blanket will take many layers and masks to get it to come together.

Title: Re: Baby
Post by: Graphx on March 22, 2009, 05:48:15 PM
Sorry I tried to put the corrected original in color mode on top of the gray scale it keeps on coming out to dark. So that why on the blanket I decided to use the lightness channel to get the blanket the right color of yellow. If you look closely when you have the blue channel on and the original over top you will see a lot of static beside of his ear. That's why I thought that it needed to go. Now what's really got me stumped is how to get the blanket fixed. By the train is a clown that needs work. In the bottom it looks like a teddy and then the different checkered squares that need fixed. Plus a lot of white places that needs something to be put in them of colored in