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Title: Wandering Pen
Post by: Atlantis on November 29, 2008, 06:43:54 PM
I'm having problems with the pen that goes with my tablet (Medion) lately.
Until recently when it started to react strangely (mostly slow down or do nothing at all) I could solve it by moving the mouse or recharching the batteries if the slowing down became to annoying. But now it keeps suddenly changing directions & therefore actions without notice so it's hard to controll.
It started before the dramatic breakdown of my pc so that would not be the cause.

I started using the tablet and pen on almost a daily basis about a year ago. The set is a few years older but slept in a closet that long because trying to master it frustrated me to much in the beginning. Now I cannot imaging doing restaurations without it so I wonder what might cause the current wandering without warnings. 
I keep the tablet itself clean from stains and dust, did not change any settings to my knowledge ...

Are there experienced tabletusers with creative ideas around here?
Title: Re: Wandering Pen
Post by: Mhayes on November 29, 2008, 06:56:51 PM
Atlantis, I don't have the Medion tablet, but I did a search on Google and this link might help: http://www.pcuser.com.au/pcuser/hs2.nsf/lookup+1/C9453C2873FA7D02CA256ECF0081EFB4

Title: Re: Wandering Pen
Post by: Atlantis on December 01, 2008, 07:15:54 AM
I'm afraid it did not bring the answers I was looking for. These were more about startup problems.
Mine has been working allright for months but lately it takes sudden leaps to whatever direction which can be very frustrating when working on masks or trying to clone/heal/brush in a very subtle way.

Maybe I need to start saving for a new set. Oh wait, didn't John have one as a reward for x restaurations???  :crazy:
Title: Re: Wandering Pen
Post by: Hannie on December 01, 2008, 07:19:26 AM
Atlantis, I don't know what happened to my answer that I posted earlier this week, it never seem to have made it over here! 

I told you that it sometimes helps to re install the drivers.  (first uninstall the old ones.) 
Some people find that the Aiptek drivers work well (Medion used to sell Aiptek tablets and just labeled them Medion).  Here's the link to the Aiptek site.
http://www.aiptek.com/Merchant2/merchant.mvc?Screen=CTGY&Store_Code=AS&Category_Code=T1 (http://www.aiptek.com/Merchant2/merchant.mvc?Screen=CTGY&Store_Code=AS&Category_Code=T1)
You can download the drivers there.  (Medion doesn't have drivers for the tablets on their site)

Good luck,

Title: Re: Wandering Pen
Post by: Atlantis on December 01, 2008, 10:11:33 AM
It's worth a try (and cheaper than a new set). Thanks both of you for thinking along.
Title: Re: Wandering Pen
Post by: marylou on December 01, 2008, 10:55:26 AM
Hi Atlantis,

I'm not using a Medion tablet, but sometimes the same thing happens to me too. Try moving your mouse a little further away from your tablet. Your mouse & your pen might be in conflict with each other causing the wandering pen effect. Also as Hannie suggested, try reinstalling and updating your drivers.

Mary Ann
Title: Re: Wandering Pen
Post by: Hannie on December 01, 2008, 02:06:19 PM
Marilou, that reminds of something that happened last week  My mouse cursor was parked on the lower left corner of my screen and no matter what I did, it wouldn't move. Restarted the computer and the cursor was still frozen in the corner.  Reset the mouse, pulled usb dongles in and out, swore at Microsoft, Windows and the world in general.

In disgust I walked away from my computer and as I did I saw that my tablet pen was placed on top of my tablet pointing towards the (yes!) lower left hand corner.... :-[  :)

Title: Re: Wandering Pen
Post by: Atlantis on January 06, 2009, 04:38:18 AM
I tried all suggestions and for a little while it seemed to work. Not perfect but acceptable.
Until a few days ago when the wandering got worse again, even worse than before. We uninstalled the whole thing, re-installed and re-installed again but it's so frustrating, especially when I need to work on subtle changes in restaurations. I aim left and it goes right, I want to move the picture down and it moves up to almost disappear at the top of my screen.
So I wonder, maybe the tablet/pen is just getting old (Medion 9570, build in 2003 but started it's active life almost a year ago with drivers that are also about 1 year old now) and it's time to start counting my money for a replacement.
All of this slows down my efforts for OPR a little as using the mouse is less accurate and takes more time in general.
I never would have guessed saying this about the mouse because I remember clearly how I struggled using tablet & pen in the beginning. I truly don't know how I managed without them before.

Title: Re: Wandering Pen
Post by: Hannie on January 06, 2009, 06:48:40 AM
Atlantis, the jumping cursor is a well known issue with the Aiptek tablets, when your read the reviews it is almost 100% negative.
I'm afraid you will have to buy a Wacom now...

Sometimes the jumping of the cursor lessens if you change the speed setting of the pen to maximum.  I don't know if that is possible on the Medion (Aiptek).

Good luck,

Title: Re: Wandering Pen
Post by: Atlantis on January 06, 2009, 07:54:05 AM
... counting euro's ... searching the web ... reading reviews ....

anyone using the Intuos3 A4 USB???
Title: Re: Wandering Pen
Post by: Hannie on January 06, 2009, 09:53:15 AM
I use the exact same version but one size smaller (A5).  It works really wel, user friendly and plenty big for what I'm doing, I wouldn't want anything bigger on my desk.
The pen is sensitive to pressure just like a real pen would be.  There are many settings, so you can adjust pressure, assign functions to the pen and the buttons. Great stuff.

They are very expensive, especially in the Netherlands and unfortunately Amazon does not ship electronics overseas. 
I saw a nice add on Marktplaats, a place near where you live, very low prices but only the A5 version.
http://diensten.marktplaats.nl/webdesigners-en-domeinnamen/217199997-intuos3-a5-usb-tablet-nieuw-in-doos.html (http://diensten.marktplaats.nl/webdesigners-en-domeinnamen/217199997-intuos3-a5-usb-tablet-nieuw-in-doos.html)