Friday, June 14th, 2024

Catastrophic Flooding in Texas



Operation Photo Rescue (OPR) has plans in the works to travel to Austin and Houston, TX for a copy run following the catastrophic flooding in the state. Right now search and rescue is still ongoing and after that a sufficient time frame will have to happen to let people return to their homes. Please help us travel to Texas by making a donation through our “Fundraising Page.”

In order to make it possible for us to make copy runs, we ask for donations. We are unique for a nonprofit in that 100% of all donations goes directly to fund OPR with no administrative cost. Every donation no matter how small is greatly appreciated.

We have locals both in Houston and Austin getting the word about OPR. Once people return home they will have the daunting tasking of cleaning up. It is for that reason that we do not want to rush in. If you know anyone whose photos were damaged by the flooding, let them know we are here to help. Below is a care sheet on how to treat the photos.

Photos courtesy: Colby Stewart, Houston, TX

Salvage_ Flood-Damaged

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