Sunday, May 26th, 2024

Operation Photo Rescue Coming to Central Illinois


Operation Photo Rescue (OPR) is teaming up with the Washington District Library and Fondulac District Library to help restore photos for residents in Central Illinois that were hit by tornadoes on November 17, 2013.

On November 21, just four days after the disaster, Genna Buhr (Public Service Manager at Illinois Fondulac Library) contacted OPR to see if we would be interested in teaming up with the library to help. We said yes and as our past history of copy runs have shown; libraries are a great resource when it comes to helping their community.

Genna is also coordinating efforts with the Washington District Library under the direction of Randall Yelverton (Director Washington District Library) to offer both locations as points where people can bring in their damaged photos. Also helping with the effort is Heather Evans, who has volunteered her camera and copy stand to help digitize the damaged photos. For more information about the effort is an online article by Matt Enis (Associate Editor, Technology for Library Journal), and also the online article by Mike Ashenfelder (Library of Congress).

What is great about OPR’s partnership with both libraries is that we will have local volunteers that will be able to help with OPR’s efforts to reach those hit by the disaster long after the initial copy run dates.

Below is a flier with dates and times for the copy runs in February. Should anyone need a copy for web or print, you may contact me at [email protected]


Photos Courtesy of FEMA/Jocelyn Augustino

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